Student Review: Defensive Concealed Handgun August 2016: Bryan

DCH Aug 16

Below is my personal opinion and review of the Defensive Concealed Handgun (DCH) Class I attended this past weekend:

First off: I do not feel any review is complete without some background on the reviewer. The Defensive handgun class was my first professional training outside of the light training I received in the US Army many years ago. I shoot better with rifle and prefer it over handguns but also do not claim to be an expert or anything near infantry level. In the Army I qualified with the M9 pistol, M16 and M4 carbine.

I recently picked up my concealed carry permit and wanted a refresher course and something more that a square range could possibly provide me. I am another one of those guys that would love to go to the range everyday but only makes it out once a month if I am lucky. My marksmanship with a handgun is not to the level I would like and I realize the only way to improve this will be to shoot more frequently, practicing and improving on the fundamentals.

After meeting the other class members I quickly concluded I was one of the least skilled and experienced shooters in the class and never felt bad or at a disadvantage because of this. (Even after clipping the hostage (one scenario cardboard silhouette) or being the only one to shoot the balloon we had been instructed to avoid). The balloon was my own fault, taking an unnecessary risk with a CNS shot at my skill level.

Some of the others class members had other professional training and classes before this course. After speaking with them and hearing how highly they regarded the class it reinforced my feeling that I had made the right choice to take this class. Even the veteran concealed carry folks had positive feedback and learned things in our class.

Scott (our instructor) efficiently covered what I would consider a large amount of training and information, that could have easily become overwhelming, in a safe and concise way. The training was easy to digest, understand and execute. With the training I quickly went from admittedly feeling hesitant carrying with a round in the chamber, to having the confidence and worry free but still safe attitude of doing so before the end of the first day of class.

With the drills we learned I feel confident with practice and time my marksmanship and then eventually my speed will improve. This is all dependent on the individual like many other things in life. You have to work and train to improve, it is not something you do once and stay sharp and fresh at (least not for me and most people I know). Many ranges have limitations and some for good “safety” reasons. I get why this is needed and do not discount shooting at a standard range however I do feel no matter how often you shoot or train at the standard range or class you would not be prepared for the every day life 360 degree range we all live in daily (scared or worried about moving or turning with a loaded gun for example).

I look forward to my next class with MVT and highly recommend anyone who carries or is thinking of carrying to check it out and sign up. I can see going through the class again after I tackle some of the other classes they offer. My personal goal is not to become an expert competition shooter with a handgun but to be familiar and confident and know my own limitations with my weapon should the situation arise. Also I hope to constantly improve as I invest the time and training to do so. This was an amazing class that introduced me to some awesome people and great training!

Thank you,

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