Student Review: Defensive Concealed Handgun 3-4 Sep 2016: Aegiale (Wife)

DCH Aug 16

Above Photo: Not Aegiale! (Library Photo)

Student Review: Defensive Concealed Handgun 3-4 Sep 2016: Aegiale (Wife)

This is my review of Defensive Concealed Handgun (DCH).  I went to the course with my husband, who had been to prior MVT courses.  I grew up around firearms but had never spent much time shooting.  Due to changes in my life, I felt it was time for me to start to learn how to shoot a handgun and use it to protect myself and my family if needed.

The course was amazing. Scott (the instructor) started with the basics, and tailored the instruction to the level of the participants. Despite the fact that I was the least experienced in the group, Scott took his time and managed to balance the needs of the group and our individual needs. He would watch us individually and provide specific instruction on how to improve.  I did not feel singled out as a woman, nor did I feel talked down to.

The course had a lot of useful practical information. I learned how to take a gun from concealment to target, and got a ton of repetition which helped me become more comfortable with my firearm.  The airsoft drills where enlightening about how hard it is to make the choice to shoot or not shoot when under pressure. Scott had a lot of good information specific to women, such as issues with off body carry, specific carry styles and equipment that has worked for other women Scott had worked with etc.

Overall the course was a fantastic experience for me, and I feel more comfortable carrying and using a firearm then I did before taking the course. I took home a lot of practical drills to practice, which will improve my ability to defend myself if need be. I would recommend the course to any woman who might be interested in carrying a firearm.

Next DCH Class: 3-4 December 2016. Location: VTC, West Virginia