Student Review: CRCD 16-17 Aug: Veritas556

Posted originally on the FORUM:

This training rocks. I have been to one previous carbine-type class and didn’t know what to expect – especially leaving the comfort of the familiar, square range. And I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to a touch of trepidation about firing live rounds with and around folks I’d never met.

Those fears quickly subsided as it was clear that safety was paramount on Max’s range. It didn’t hurt that my fellow shooters were motivated and equally conscious of the seriousness of this training.

I won’t get into the tactics and evolutions (you can read these on the forum) only to say they were really well thought out to build on one another, building confidence and competence at each iteration. The range itself is very realistic and challenging too. You won’t look at a paper target the same after this.

Max was tough and serious throughout. This isn’t a place to come to get your ego stroked that’s for sure. So brining an open, learning mindset is just as important as bringing the right gear, even moreso.

Another thing to bring with you is physical and mental fitness. The terrain and the stress applied will test you. This is a great thing – something you simply don’t get from square-range classes. Go do some pushups and pull-ups (you’ll need the latter ;) – go on a long walk with some weight on you, work that cardio.

My big takeaway from this weekend apart from the skills themselves are two words: team work. Coming into this I has a false sense of security about the effectiveness that myself, as an individual, could have in a SHTF situation. The potential effectiveness of firing and moving as a team was breathtaking.

After this weekend I’m convinced that no amount of tactical carbine classes, Youtube videos or thousands of rounds on a square range (good things for sure) are complete without attending a class like this. You start to really understand the big picture of self-defense – that it can’t be done effectively by yourself.

Let me close with my first lesson learned: team work. This training has given me a renewed commitment to find local friends (new or old) to train with. You don’t need a buddy to get a lot out of Max’s training – I came alone and buddied-up on the course. But the real value of these skills are what you can do with them if God-forbid you ever need them. This means building a homegrown team that you train with, have confidence in and can trust. I plan on returning for sure, but next time with a friend or two, or three.

Another great bonus was the time spend with Fred in between drills. A brilliant guy, he schooled us on all manner of info and misperceptions about nuclear, bio and EMP risks. Invaluable stuff you won’t get anywhere else.

All in all, this is simply (based on what I’ve experienced and seen out there) the best training you can get and the value is second-to-none. Thanks Max, Fred and the shooters I spent the weekend with. Time and money well spent!

PRO TIP: watch out for the fajitas at the Mexican joint ;)