Student Review: Combined CRCD / Combat Patrol Jun 28 – Jul 3: Brian

Posted over at the FORUM:

I attended the TC3/RMP, CRCD, and Combat Patrol courses this past week. They exceded my expectations, extremely impressed! Thanks Max for making this all possible. Also thanks to the guest instructors Chris, Aaron, Fred for passing on your knowledge and helping us.

All classes I feel are laid out very well in what he says to build up with the crawl, walk, run method. Theory, practice, drills. If you are serious about training get yourself signed up asap for these courses, and a few tips before you go and while your there.

Get in shape! PT,PT,PT!

Listen, Take notes, ask questions, visualize.

Be aggressive when conducting the drills.

This is no joke and not easy if you have never done this sort of training before, it gets intense, but this is serious stuff and I did not go just to have a “fun” time and shoot stuff. Get in the right mind set and train hard! again PT! Thanks again Max, I’ll be back.