Student Review: Combined 6 Day Class Sep 27 – Oct 3: Kevin

Student Review: Combined 6 Day Class Sep 27 – Oct 3: Kevin:


This was absolutely the best vacation I ever had. It was, of course, taxing at times, but I honestly can think of no better way to have expended my efforts or funds than in learning from Max and the cadre. I told Max this, and he asked that I review the class. For someone like me to be able to get this kind of training seems almost like an act of providence. After spending seven days at Max Velocity Tactical, I originally had no intention of writing a review, mainly because of being more fit to receive advice than to give it. Besides, many others have reviewed the courses more ably and more eloquently than I can. On his blog Max has provided synopses of all parts of the instruction (and goes into great detail in his excellent books), and there really is nothing of substance that I could add.

Recce Patrol
So, none of this is going to be new, but I will share some thoughts. First, I could not have been more impressed with the quality of instruction. Max and his cadre are not only operator as fuck, they are simply outstanding teachers. They take you where you are and skillfully guide you through the obstacles to quickly get you to where you understand the skills you need and the reasons behind them.

Sep 6 Day 2
If you go to Max Velocity Tactical, you are also going to meet some fine, upstanding Americans in your fellow students as well. Spending a week with my class and the cadre was a welcome respite from the horripilating freak show that much of the populace in my AO has become.

Sep 6 Day 1
Do it. Sign up for training at Max Velocity Tactical. Do it now, while you can. Arm yourself, get your kit squared away, get in condition, and most importantly, get trained. At the least send someone from your team. I know it seems expensive. Someday it may seem very cheap compared to the cost you might pay otherwise. And the opportunity may not last. Max is a warrior. It may be that he has other wars to fight. Or he may cease his operation for some other reason. You do not want to miss out on this. Max has put together the best training there is, but it is all for naught if we don’t get it.