Student Review: Combat Team Tactics, November 2017 – RS

Note: For 2018, Combat Team Tactics is now a 4 day class, Hostile Environment Advanced Tactics 1 (HEAT 1).

Review Follows:

First, I would just like to open this up with a little background about myself…..I am just a regular guy that is concerned about what he sees around him and how these things may eventually jeopardize the safety of his family. I have been through a couple of pistol training courses and do scenario shoots pretty often to stay skilled. Sure, I served in the Army (Electronics/Communications/Airborne) but I never really had any type of really good small unit tactics training to fully understand how a team should execute properly. After quite a bit of research and taking a look at several reviews of other offerings to include videos of the training, myself and two of my friends signed up for the November 2017 CTT class in Romney WV.

I really think that what sets the Max Velocity Tactical training apart from others can be summarized by: A strict focus on safety, the layered and direct instructional approach, the cadre and then finally the other students.

From a safety perspective I have to tell you that I never ever felt that I or any of the other students were put in a dangerous situation. Yes the training involved live ammunition, but Max and Scott had things very well under control at all times and gave the appropriate direction and reinforcement at exactly the right times to ensure strict control was maintained and that safety was always the top concern and focus.

The instructional approach was very effective. The approach was simple and made the information very consumable to all the students. A concept was described in detail along with the execution, it was then reinforced as many times as needed, then demonstrated and finally it was executed with an exercise followed up by clear and constructive feedback. This was completed again and again to where your team was doing some complex team movements at the end of the course. In addition, the environment at the Romney facility added an extra dimension to applying the course content and realism of the exercises. It really has to be experienced to be appreciated.

Max and Scott were excellent and very hard working instructors. From what I observed, just doing the planning and setup each day was exhausting work. Both had some serious experience and they did an excellent job of communicating and leveraging that background to ensure exercises were safe, well managed and effective. One thing that I appreciated was the directness of the communication. If you are looking to go someplace to get your ego stroked, this is probably not for you. If you are looking to learn and don’t have a problem with no bullshit honesty, then you will not be disappointed with these guys.

Finally, one of the things that I really enjoyed was the group of other students. These folks were of like mind, honorable, hard working and dedicated. The group included doctors, folks from the medical device community, coal industry and railroad among others. It was truly a great experience to train with these gentlemen.

In summary, because of the focus on safety, the instructional approach, the cadre and the other students, I will be taking another course from MVT (and so will my two friends). I feel that the value of the content and experience far outweighed the cost.