Student Review: Combat Team Tactics & Night Firing 6-8 Nov: Paul

Student Review:  Combat Team Tactics (CTT) & Night Firing (NODF)

Short Attention Span Synopsis:    Book your class. Right now. Ignore the excuse that just popped in your head. Book your class. Book it for next May if you have. But Just Do It. The knowledge and experience you will gain at an MVT class is worth whatever you have to sacrifice in order to attend.
CTT:    I’m not going to give you a day by day, drill by drill review.  There are many reviews on here that do that and articulate it far better than I would anyhow. Be sure to peruse the older reviews though, as I did, they’ll give you a spot on, great idea of what to expect.
I will say I give CTT class at MVT a 10 out of 10. The facility, safety standards, material covered, the crawl-walk-run approach to training were all excellent. The experience and knowledge Max and Lee have and are willing to share is simply invaluable. We had many opportunities for small talks to pick their brains and get real answers from guys who truly know their shit.
Another priceless benefit of attending is the opportunity to meet some great people. I was fortunate to be a part of a great 10 man class. It was a diverse group. Ages were mid-20’s to 50’s or 60’s. Some of us had military backgrounds. Some were fairly “green” when it came to the AR. There was a broad spectrum of experience levels. We had 2 guys who were previous MVT students who’d come back for more. The key was we were all there to learn. Not only from Max and Lee, but from each other. Guys were not afraid to check out each others gear and rifles to get ideas and learn why people ran their gear the way they do. We also enjoyed an absurd amount laughs thanks to the guys from Toledo.  ROD CHOMPER!!
NODF:    Bottom line, this is a must for anyone who plans to employ NVG’s in post-event combat scenario. If you own NVGs and don’t know their limitations or haven’t used them for reacting to and engaging multiple targets, moving through woods, and ambushing an enemy camp, then you need this class.
Special thanks to Lee for spending some extra time getting my battle buddy and his rifle squared away on day one.
In closing, I can’t stress enough that you just need to book you class as soon as possible. Make the commitment now, get in shape later, save the money for the balance due later, whatever. You won’t regret doing it, but you will regret not doing it. I can’t wait for Combat Patrol, C3, Rifleman Challenge, Advanced Courses….My wife is going to divorce me.