Student Review: Combat team tactics March 20916: Steve

I took the Combat Team Tactics (CTT) class for the first time in December of 2014. It’s like drinking from a fire hydrant. I got to come back, learn more, and bring my son. Job, kids, life, other curve balls…you just have to come to point and do it. Christopher, my son, age 14 and 97 lbs wears a plate carrier, 7 full mags, 3 liter hydration packs, IFAK & dump pouch: elbow pads for his knee pads because it is the only thing that will fit him. Max and First Sergeant treated him as one of the guys, no special treatment. He was expected to do what we had to do as adults. l expected nothing less from them. He did all three days including the last day where it was raining. Again, that was what was expected from Max and First Sergeant.

Safety was never a issue. Leave the pride home because you are going to be called out in front of your son and battle buddies for constructive criticism. Believe me, Christopher got his share as did I. Learn from it and move on. It is not about yourself, it is about your buddy, buddy team, and team members.  The training was spot on and professionally done, we both will be back again. Get out there and train, you’re are not going to do this from a book, video, or quarter backing from a computer in your mom’s basement.