Student Review: Combat Team Tactics June 2015: Vector40



These days, with the cost of living rising slowly but surely, those of us who live according to budgets really have to be quite selective when it comes to handing out spare funds for training.

I do not have the free time and extra money to train nearly as much as I would like to and so deciding to take Max’s CTT course involved careful consideration.

Well, all I can say is that the knowledge gained during the three day period was worth every penny.

First of all, Max’s facility is mind boggling.  He has put a huge amount of effort into making part of 100 acres into a world class training ground.  The shooting lanes traverse uphill terrain and the bust sized pop up targets along with the scenarios that he puts together, make this CTT course not only physically but mentally challenging.

Max has a very structured program that starts with fundamental aspects of the rifle such as sighting and manipulation drills and culminates in more complex exercises involving fire and movement.

Although being anal about safety and discipline, Max was always fair and his humor was refreshing during the course of the weekend.

Chris, his assistant is an asset to the program as he has a wealth of combat experience and his relaxed demeanor was not overbearing when it came to calling a spade a spade.

Americans are blessed with a wealth of training options. Some are better than others.  Research is necessary and important.  As an average family guy who is trying to increase skill and have fun, I can honestly say that this course exceeded all my expectations. For those with more experience, I am confident in saying that your attitude will determine what you take away. Life is about learning and to learn, no matter how experienced you are, if you have an open mind, well, you will not be disappointed. One of the attendees this weekend is an army veteran and he was more than impressed with the standard of training.  I mention this individual not solely due to his service but also due to the fact that he is a training and weapons aficionado. This gentleman has clearly ‘lived’ his service to a great country and he echoed the sentiments of an average guy.

Max has other courses such as Land Navigation, Combat Patrol and Night Vision work to name a few.

In conclusion, the facility, trainers, material and friendships made at MVT are not something that one comes across every day.


Spaces available on the June 26 – July 1 Six Day Combined Class and the July  10-12 Combat Team Tactics Class. See Schedule/Calendar: