Student Review: Combat Team Tactics June 2015: John



AAR for June 2015 CTT

I feel fortunate to have been able to attend CTT and consider it to be the best training that I have ever attended.

The MVT ranges were top notch.  Most parts of the country do not have the terrain features to build ranges like those at MVT.  The terrain gives the instructors flexibility and the opportunity to create challenging courses.  If you want training like this, sometimes you have to travel.

The instructors were great.  Both Max and Chris have the unique qualifications to teach a course like CTT.  Their feedback was very helpful and their attention to safety was reassuring.  I came away from CTT with a wealth of new knowledge and a list of things to work on.  Again, if you want training like this, sometimes you have to travel.

The progression of training was very thoughtful and made it possible to add new skills upon each other. The training started with zeroing and rifle handling on the first day and moved through to squad attack on the final day.  The amount and quality of information was incredible.

The concepts taught in CTT seem to be relevant to more than just people who carry rifles out in the woods.  I know a lot of people out there conceal carry.  In my opinion, the skills that you learn in CTT would be the same skills that you would need to make it out alive against an active shooter situation.  The ability to use cover and work as a team with fire and maneuver are very handy skills to have for your self (and family) defense.

I feel blessed to be able to attend training like this.  The other students were great, the instructors were awesome and the amount of knowledge that I came away with was incredible.


Spaces available on the June 26 – July 1 Six Day Combined Class and the July  10-12 Combat Team Tactics Class. See Schedule/Calendar: