Student Review: Combat Rifle Manipulation (CRM) 31 May – 01 June: Trapper

AAR / Student Review 
Course:      Combat Rifle Manipulation (CRM)
Date(s):       30 May 2014 – 01 June 2014
Student:     Trapper
Instructor:  Aaron
As others have posted; the instruction and training that Aaron provided was First Class in every way!
Safety was First and Foremost.
Aaron was able to direct us in the different exercises and whether we were inexperienced with our weapons or an experienced shooter, we all came away with new learned skills.
We all learned the most important thing and that was “getting your weapon back into the fight!” even with the badass malfunctions with (if you used it) dreaded steel cased ammo.  We also ran through many fire and movement exercises.
Who should take this course? In my opinion, every shooter should! You will walk-a-way with skills you will need in the coming Liberty Games.
What skills you ask? Skills to effectively and efficiently clear your malfunctioned weapon to get it back into the game. Think you already know how to do this? So, did I, until I took this course.
For the older prepper patriot; you read these blogs and wonder, “What can I do?” You may have ailments… the back, the arm, the leg … but your ‘heart/soul’ is still there even when the body doesn’t want to cooperate.
THIS class is the answer to the question, “What can I do!”
Worried about whether or not you’ll be an asset? Most assets are skills-based and these are teachable skills. These are skills you can take back and teach to your family or group.
In closing whether you’re a young gun or a bit long-in-the-tooth, you will leave this class much more proficient with your weapon.
P.S. – It was a blast as well!