Student Review: Combat Rifle Manipulation (CRM) 31 may – 01 June: Tater in SC

CRCD 30 May3

AAR / Student Review 

Course:      Combat Rifle Manipulation (CRM)

Date(s):       05.30 – 06.01.2014

Student:     Tater in SC

Instructor:  Aaron

I will not bore the reader with the course description and intent which are readily available on the MVT site.  In addition, those looking for exciting details of the skills taught and the drills performed should direct their attention to the AAR’s of others, as I will instead concentrate on what I believe to be the number one reason to attend this particular MVT course, or any other MVT course offering, for that matter.  In a word “professionalism”.

Already having taken several non-MVT “square range” classes from other “tacticool” trainers, as well as 3 CRCD, 1 CP, and 1 CRCD-CP MVT courses over the past year, I was not sure what I would actually learn from this particular course that I had not already learned from previous courses. Not that I am a high-speed, low-drag operator. Hell, I am nothing but an old man trying as best he can to be prepared for the upcoming North American Liberty Games. However, I had previously met Aaron during the 04.05-09.2014 CRCD-CP class before he officially became an AI on the MVT staff, and was extremely impressed by a little preview of what eventually became the CRM course, so I decided to attend the inaugural CRM class. As usual, I was completely wrong in thinking that I would not learn anything new. Although the CRM course is not as “sexy” as the CRCD or CP course, it is definitely not your typical “square range” class.

Aaron is an impressive young man (I say “young man” because I am an “old fart” and he is not much more than half my age), and one of the best instructors of any type of class I have ever taken, including all of the work related continuing education, OSHA safety training, etc. over the years. As is to be expected from any MVT course offering, Aaron, as a former Army NCO and current VANG member who has honorably served his country during several tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, possesses the requisite real world experience and is not just someone who knows a lot about “guns and stuff”. However, what impressed me the most about Aaron is that he has, in my opinion, mastered the fine art of teaching “old dogs new tricks” as it may be. Anyone who has taught an “adult education” type of class knows that simply reciting facts does not work with adults. We each carry to any class our own unique perspective on things and are reticent most times to listen to anyone else who tries to tell us how to do something we have already been doing for years. Aaron combines his knowledge, expertise and experience with a unique, engaging blend of real-world stories, anecdotes, and humor. In addition, he possesses the rare ability to almost instantly read each student and find the most effective way, “on the fly”, to reach each one individually.

In conclusion, I strongly recommend that anyone seeking “professional”, real-world, and non-tacticool weapons training sign up for this course.


P.S. Hurry the hell up with the CHM course J I’ll be there for the inaugural class

CRM 30 May