Student Review: Combat Rifle Manipulation (CRM) 30 May – 01 June: F

Max: The weekend of 30 May – 01 June was the inaugural Combat Rifle Manipulation (CRM) Class on the new MVT Square Range.

The purpose of this new class is to act as the connective between the fundamentals of shooting and tactical training. It is not a standard ‘square range’ class and is a fully combat focused to train the skills which will give you the confidence and ability to master classes like the Combat Rifle / Contact Drills (CRCD) Classes.

From the CRM Page:

The intent of the weapons manipulation classes is to provide a more in-depth training service, while remaining focused on the MVT philosophy of progressing students towards realistic combat tactical training. ‘Square range’ weapons manipulation classes are part of the transition from basic marksmanship to field firing tactical training. The MVT manipulation classes are focused on transitioning the student towards  tactical training, such as found on the CRCD classes. The danger of ‘square range’ training is that it becomes an end in itself, a diversion from the real purpose of the transition, which will give students a false sense of their training level, and in many cases teaches habits that are harmful to your health in a combat environment.

MVT ‘square range’ weapons manipulation training remains focused on the progression to tactical training. These classes can be taken as precursors to the tactical classes, as additional skill builders, or as stand alone classes in their own right.

CRM 30 May

Above: not yet complete, the new range is shaping up well.

F’s Review:

I took Aaron’s Combat Rifle Manipulation (CRM) class this last weekend.

I know some of you will ask, “F why take it? isn’t it a basic class and I know you shoot Carbine all the time?”

There is one reason,…… I know how well credentialed and competent the Instructor Aaron is and I was curious, eager even, to take a class from him and see what I might learn or improve about my weapons handling.

The Class didn’t disappoint, here are some just some highlights:

  • When Aaron covered rifle malfunctions, showed us how to clear even the most esoteric ones and made us run these clearance drills with induced malfunctions many many times over.
  • To add some spice he even made it a bit competitive, where once we learned the material we raced to our rifles in different “sticks” trying to get ours functional first and show the others we were done first, by shooting as controlled pair once it was cleared.
  • I have never had anyone cover malfunctions clearance this thoroughly, the bolt override clearance I had never mastered before for that matter.
  • Good solid reactions drills, with explanations on how to react and why it is good to react that way via body posture etc.
  • In many drills on the line naturally a competitive spirit developed and I know some were trying to beat their buddy in speed.
  • The drills worked.. a friend of mine who was there whom I outshot in speed by a margin in the beginning, in the last few firing orders was starting to match me. This shows these drills work!
  • Aaron also covered some of the more esoteric, firing positions for completeness sake…but (and this I liked a lot) he made it quite clear that these are niche positions only to be used in isolated and unique situations and that the standard positions are preferable.

The facility was spartan but had all it needed and the focus was definitely on the shooter and the gun.

Aaron, showed himself to be a natural instructor who enjoys what he does and is good at it.

I can unequivocally recommend this class to anyone.

F… :-)