Student Review: Combat Rifle 25/26 Oct: Mike

CR Oct 14 1

I attended the Combat Rifle class conducted on 25 – 26 October.  Although I have had over 30 years’ worth of experience shooting rifles of various types in hunting and competition, I have never had any formal training, and I decided it was time to acquire that training.

The class instructor was Aaron.  It was obvious during the two days that he had a wealth of information and experience with this subject.   Just as important, I found that he had the ability to transmit that information in a clear and understandable manner.  His style was natural, laid-back, and oftentimes humorous.  He used a classic teaching method: an explanation of the new topic, a demonstration, a dry run by the whole class or individually, followed by closely supervised live fire.  After each module, there was time for questions and follow-up.  The result of this training was clearly evident by the end of the second day.  The students were clearing malfunctions, changing magazines, and shooting on the move with speed (usually) and confidence.

In determining whether to take a class of this nature, I believe it is important to know how the range will be run.  Will the training be conducted safely or not?  I found that Aaron was uncompromising when it came to safety.  We were constantly reminded to always be aware of where our muzzle was pointed, and to keep our minds focused on what we were doing.  Aaron also appears to be blessed with 360 degree vision.  Not much got by him.  When safely violations did occur (and there were not many), they were promptly and appropriately dealt with.  Many were used as ‘teaching moments’.

I certainly can and do recommend this class.  For those with prior military training or those who have taken similar training some time ago and allowed your skills to get rusty, this class will certainly get you back up to speed.  The portion of the class dealing with clearing malfunctions alone is worth the price of admission.  For those new to the combat rifle, this class is essential to your successful progress, especially if you plan to continue your education at Max Velocity Tactical.