Student Review: Combat Rifle: 25/26 Oct: Leanne

CR Oct 14 1 Leanne

Before I took the course I had a few concerns. I had a few concerns, because I am kind of shy, and really did not know a whole lot about guns. I didn’t grow up with guns in the house. I just started to learn a few things from my husband and brothers-in-law, maybe a year or two ago. I was nervous because I didn’t know a lot about guns.

We really did not need to know a lot before coming to the class. We started the class at a very slow pace, which was great! Our instructor (Aaron) was very thorough with the importance of safety. We were given a ton of information and taught a good amount of skills, but I know that if I do not practice I will forget everything. After taking the Combat Rifle class I have learned that I have so much more to learn and practice.

My reason for taking the class was because I want to know how to defend my family in case of emergency. If my husband wasn’t home, and there was a threat of danger, I want to be able to defend my children and myself. The things that I learned are necessary skills for both men and women.

I did not think that the class was going to be fun going into it, but it was a ton of fun. If any women are thinking of signing up for The Combat Rifle class I want to encourage them. Nobody made me and my sister-in-law feel weird about being girls and taking a gun class.

CR Oct 14 1