Student Review: Combat Rifle 25/26 Oct: Greg

CR Oct 14 1

After Action Max Velocity Tactical Combat Rifle 25-26 Oct 2014 with Instructor Aaron

This is a basic bare bones course on military rifle manipulations.  As an infantry Marine and security contractor, I was looking for a course which would go over the basics and fundamentals of carbine use and Max Velocity delivered just that.  Day one consisted of a quick zero of the weapons, weapons malfunctions and drills associated, and reloading procedures and drills.  Day two followed up with basic individual movement, different shooting positions, and basic buddy team fire and movement.  These are the building blocks that every rifleman is taught and needs to know in order to move onto more complicated techniques and tactics.

For those with little to no experience, this course offers you a chance to see military shooting doctrine as well as techniques that have been developed through that past decade of combat in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The instructor will go into detail about the how and why of each technique is used and fosters a great environment for learning.  Anyone seriously interested in being proficient in the carbine should learn these foundations.

For those with military training this course will bring you back to the basics.  It will be a little painstaking as you have already been drilled these techniques and can dry fire them at home.  However, if you have been away from the military range, there are things that I forgot and often were a good reminder of how to set up my weapons training maintenance of skills.  I suggest however that you look into the other courses offered with more intermediate or advanced skills to challenge you.   With that said I still recommend this course and definitely enhanced my skills.

Personally, I was looking for a course that would bring me back to basic military marksmanship.  I no longer drill in the prone or kneeling positions as often as I should.  My training usually revolves around high paced, moving environments from 25-100m distances.  Though the period of marksmanship is short, the instructor will help you find ways to achieve your goals.  For me I focused on tightening up my shot groups during drills and even spent time afterward diagnosing some of my marksmanship fundamentals that need work.

These instructors are very knowledgeable and want to see you succeed.  The training facility has a lot to offer, is a short distance from the DC area and has good local accommodations.  I recommend the courses offered and look forward to the always evolving and new courses offered.  A special thanks to Aaron and the work that he put in over the two day course.  Thanks again.