Student Review: Combat Patrol May 2015: Mike H

CP May 2015

AAR  Combat Patrol Class May 2015

By Mike H

First visit to West Virginia since CRCD in March 2014. Have a long haul to get there(over 1160 miles each way) but I’ll say the trip was worth it. Any eye opener to say the least. Coming there all this way and then forming up a team of guys that just met is a challenge in itself. Sunday and Monday nights in hotels allowed myself to reflect and put together some notes from the weekend.  Also reviewed my copy of “Contact”…nice way to fill in the meatspace. Here’s what I got…..

Arrival…get settled in Romney early if you can…this will allow you get your gear squared away. Get some food and rest the night before class and stay hydrated.

Met a couple of the guys the night before class….determined we would convoy to rally point next morning…good idea.

Some comments on various topics(in no particular order):

PT: Stressed here big time/all the time….well  always increase your PT levels, you will benefit when you get to class. I’ve purchased the training peaks plans and have gone thru two rotations. I live in a flat AO so I realize now I’m going to have to amp up my workout to get up to speed for WV.  I’m a slow mover in the first place and by Sunday I was gassed. My workout will now feature more off the road time on any hilly terrain  I can find.

Rifle and Ammo:  Only had one issue and that’s when I tried a magazine of Wolf Mil Classic…didn’t feed worth a crap. I do need to square away my sling setup…that will allow me to control my rifle’s muzzle better and also conduct other functions in the field. My muzzle control was terrible and I’m still pissed about that. CTT is in the near future for me…I would look forward to that added first day.

Gear: Again I need to get my gear set up better to allow better mag changes which will lead to more rounds on the target. I did use a dump pouch for the first time and even dropped a mag down my smock one thing I can say is a didn’t lose a mag which could be important in SHTF.

I used a Snugpak Endurance ruck(40L) and it worked well. I could in the future add some pouches for mags, water, admin but I was fine just using it and stuffing it. Put a bladder in there along with an extra canteen so water wasn’t and issue. I had one of those fold up Esbit stoves with gel fuel and cooked two meals no problem.

Sleep system was a poncho liner inside a bivy on top of a thermarest pad…I was fine for the night. Get a MVT shield ….nice piece of kit, I have to bring some more bungees next time for quick setup.

Eat enough and drink water!  You will burn thru your energy pretty quick.

Take notes through out….again I took the two nights after getting home it collect notes and write other thoughts.

Max’s facility continues to evolve…really has a nice set up.

Max with his cadre are top notch….safety is a priority and the knowledge through experience is first class. Thanks to Max, Chris, and Fred.

Thanks to all the other attendees….enjoyed your company and look forward to bumping into you again.

So in closing I plan to attend a CTT class after working my PT up to a level that keeps me able to push thru the stress and keeps my situational awareness complete. Lots of windshield time for me but well worth it. If you haven’t attended a class get signed up; a unique experience!

Mike H

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