Student Review: Combat Lifesaver (TC3) June 28: Wattage

Max: This class was the 4 hour version that goes along with RMP in the afternoon. Please note that after September 1 2014, the TC3 will go to a standalone 8 hour class and CRCD goes to 3 days. RMP is subsumed withing CRCD. This post explains: ***New MVT Class Structure***

Student Review: Wattage

TC3- This class taught us how to use everything in our IFAK, which was great since I had no clue how to use most of the stuff in there!   Max taught us clear, concise step by step instructions on how to assess a casualty, how to correctly put the tourniquet on, what to use to pack wounds, exit wounds,  along with Hi-fin seals.  It was very sobering from the fact that if I ever have to do this, it’s going to be intense and messy, but also now I have a very clear understanding of just exactly what to do.  Max is an excellent instructor making the material very “real” by putting you in the mental state that you might find yourself in during in a contact situation with a casualty.  For all of you out there that have an IFAK but haven’t gotten any training in using it, then this class is for you.  In a SHTF situation, you are going to want that step by step method that Max teaches to save your buddy.