Student Review: Active Shooter CCW April 2016: Mike Q


Active Shooter CCW

Student Review – Mike Q

This was the first pistol class I’ve ever taken. I’ve taken quite a few rifle classes through MVT, but this was my first time being instructed in pistol alone. I’m embarrassed to say but I shot more rounds through my pistol during these two days then I did the previous 2 years. After this class I feel much more at ease with the weapon and look forward to improving my skills which 1st Sargent introduced to me.

1st Sargent is a great instructor. He commands the class’ attention without ever raising his voice, or making demands. He’s a professional who is easily approachable with any question or concern and immediately addresses them. He’s like that grandfather we all had who commands respect without having to try. (As I type this I know he’s shaking his head – “I’m not that old!” Of course he’s not I’m simply trying to convey the mentality and respect he exudes.)

Day 1 consisted of a safety brief and a gear talk. Some of the topics covered were carry location, reload carry, safety equipment, types of holsters, and clothing requirements when carrying – just to name a few. There were more topics covered throughout the duration of the class. We then spent the rest of the day working on draw techniques, proper sight alignment, proper grip, proper holstering, malfunction drills, strong hand shooting, support hand shooting, etc.

The evening shoot included flashlight usage and the options holding the flashlight. We also shot using only headlights from one vehicle, then hazard lights from a vehicle. We also learned a few tricks other tricks which you need to take the class to learn. I highly recommend taking this portion of the class.

Day 2 consisted of movement while utilizing your weapon. We practiced target on right, left, and rear of body location. We then started adding movement drills. We finished the day practicing shooter scenarios with bystanders (cardboard “good guys”) between you and a shooter. Several people had malfunctions with their weapons during this phase which were quickly remedied by the previous day’s practice. The crawl, walk, run method as is always taught at MVT.

As always the students in this class were outstanding.  In each class I’ve attended at MVT, the students themselves have such a great store of knowledge and life experience that alone is worth the price of admission, to say nothing of the actual class instruction. I look forward to my next class at MVT.

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