Student Review: 6 Day CTT/Cp Class April 2015: David



AAR: 6 Day CTT/CP April 2015 – David

This was my second time with the combined CTT/CP courses and Max continues to refine the instruction.  Several changes were made since the last time around; these changes augmented the training and increased the quantity and/or duration of exercises we could execute.  This goes to show that Max’s intention is to provide the student with as much information as is humanly possible in a 6 day period.  The course is intense, mentally and physically demanding, BUT is not designed to overwhelm the student.  And, Max makes accommodations for the student’s physical fitness at every turn.

In March, I took another course to help prepare me for Max’s classes.  I wanted to do a quick safety/movement course to prep me for Max’s.  I DO NOT recommend doing this.  Just go to Max’s class and get the instruction straight from him.  There is no other facility/instructor like at Max’s.  If you go anywhere else, you are selling yourself short.   The training is inexpensive when you look at what you are getting.

Clearly, Max is training to help Patriots learn to help themselves with a no-holds-barred approach.  Each time I attend his classes it’s like someone removes the blinders and I get a glimpse of this new universe with such clarity and understanding.  And then I come home and put this to use as we plan and train.

It was so wonderful to train with such dedicated students.  All the students were exceptional and they were motivating to me.  Thanks to all of you.  Finally, Lee thanks for being part of the team!!


End of AAR