Student Review: 6 Day CTT / Combat Patrol: Keeper

First I want to say is that if you want to learn how and what it takes to protect your  family and yourself I cannot say without a doubt that these two classes are a must and Max will ensure that your will learn it and live by it. The first day is square range time learning the basic that you will use for the next five days while there. The second and third day will take you out in the field to put the lessons that you learned on the first day with the use of the pop-up Ivan’s throughout the training course there.  During the CP course we were taught how to use the landscape to conceal ourselves and how to use it in a fight. On the second day we learned how to set up our tarps/ponchos for cover and along with sentry duties. On the night of the second day we were instructed to gather Intel on the local enemy. On the third day we learn how to take the fight to the enemy and win.

I could a lot more in depth on these classes, but anyone who wants to learn how to fight for his or her freedoms needs to attend these classes.  The few of the things  I learned during this course that Max taught me was don’t over think stuff, JUST DO IT and keep it simple, If you use a different type of ammo that you think you got a good deal on, FORGET  IT, USE WHAT YOU KNOW THAT WORKS PERIOD.  The last thing I want to stress is Fracking  PT !!!!

In closing I want to thank everyone who was there Max, Lee, Scott, Greg, John, Brent, Russell, Mike and Brain.


P.S has anyone seen Billy?


Max adds: due to an odd number of students (or was it due to odd students?), Billy was Keepers’ battle buddy. Below is a photo of a rare sighting of Billy, although Ivan is creeping up behind him, so the prospects are not good: