Student Review: 6 Day CTT / Combat Patrol June 2015: Colonel Random


Well, where do I begin.  First, I have found Max offers the best training a civilian can obtain this side of the Mississippi and possibly within the whole continental U.S.  I have been to three first class schools.  Two of which taught carbine fundamentals on a square range.   I can not nor will not complain about the quality of both.  I will complain about the seriousness with which I took that instruction to heart.  Max, brought it all together.  I knew of weapons manipulation drills, I knew of the difference between cover and concealment, I knew the idea of moving in pairs, I knew shots on target is what matters.  Point of aim point of impact.  I was taught it all but what Max did was to kicked my ass until I understood the value of that information and the application of it. He ran us through drills, drill and more drills.  He hammered us hard for failures to execute and corrected us often.  With classroom instruction we were able to understand what was expected of us and the the ory behind the maneuvers we were about to conduct.  His class is excellent, His fellow instructors are accomplished and effective,  his range, consisting of murderous WV hills, is the perfect place to learn team movement, for the sole warrior will not exist for long.

For those of you with newly purchased rifles, body armor, night vision and all the tactic cools gadgets, who expect to be prepared to fend off those intending you or your loved ones harm, you need to get off your butt, open your wallet, spend the cash and get this training while available.  My bet, you won’t last long without it.

Col. Random, Team Crazy.