Student Review: 6 Day CRCD / Combat Patrol 28 Jun – 3 Jul: Submariner

Submariner attended with his 3 sons, making a four man team:

The following quote regarding success in completing Pegasus Company training contains the key to success with MVT:

“On and on we went until we were all knackered enough to have a go on a huge, forty-five-foot high piece of scaffolding called the Trainasium…. But the real key to it came from the training staff.  I’d watched others going on the Trainasium rig and noticed that those who trusted the staff and followed their orders and instructions seemed to succeed.  I decided to put my trust in the instructors completely and I just followed the orders they bellowed up at me from below.  It worked.”  John Geddes & Alun Rees, Spearhead Assault: blood, Guts and Glory on the Falklands Frontlines (London: Century, 2007), 38.

Max is quite passionate about passing on his hard-won skills to his students.  He and his AIs will patiently explain what is to be done, demonstrate/rehearse it, and then allow you to perform it until the lesson is learned.  Trust them and do it his way.  You will learn and more than get your money’s worth.

THIS is customer service.