Student Review: 6 Day Combined Class (CTT/CP): 6-11 Nov: Dennis

6 day 7
After much searching on the internet my son and I choose Max Velocity Tactical over the other programs because what we saw on the net seemed like a professional and comprehensive training program.  We chose to sign up for the Combat Team Tactics(CTT) / Combat Patrol (CP) 6 Day Combination Class running from Nov 6th through Nov 11th.  Max was the primary instructor throughout the training programs with the assistance of his cadre during the Combat Patrol Class.
6 day 1
I had prior weapons and tactics training before in “Swat Training” years ago as a Tactical Medical Specialist.  This prior training really had no practical application to Max’s CTT/Patrol class other than the general safety and operation of a combat rifle.  The training provided by Max Velocity was directed more to the self defense tactics of family, farm or retreat.  All of the training we received during the six days followed the “Crawl, Walk, Run” principle with firearms safety always at the forefront. The CTT program started with fire arms manipulation drills, tactical and emergency reloading and malfunction drills.  There was a varying degree of fire arms experience within the class and Max was very careful not exceed the capabilities and understanding of each student.  Even if you have had prior training in manipulation drills, reloading and malfunctions this training is invaluable because weapons trainers will tell you that it takes over 300 repetitions of each skill set for it to become automatic or “muscle Memory”.  Having run through these drills over and over further reinforces the correct action to take with a combat rifle either in reloading or dealing with a stoppage.
6 day 10
As we moved into basic team movements for assault or fighting back it was clear that we all had much to learn, Max was very patient in getting the drills down and making sure all the students not only performed them correctly but also understood why we were doing them.  The “Contact Front – Contact Left – Contact Right” drills were very instructive and quickly learned by the class. The last three days were devoted to the Patrol Class phase of the training.  On the first day of the patrol class Max provided lectures on patrol theory and the do’s and don’ts of patrolling.  During this day we also ran several mini patrol drills to reinforce the lecture material.    During one of the drills I remember max telling me “Your skills are pretty good but your slow as f-ck”.  Aggression is the name of the game when you are in contact but there was only so much this 57 y/o body could do due to my many joint injuries.  “Suck it up butter cup” is the saying that comes to mind.  Max is continually reinforcing the need for P/T, you see it in the blogs and in the AARs from every class.  If you are not in decent shape, this class will be difficult.  I am a 37 year veteran of the fire service and I have tried to maintain a level of physical fitness despite my many injuries.  Prior to this class I started working out in my armored vest and full tactical gear mixing jogging with short sprints and reloading drills from kneeling and prone.  I did this every other day until just before the class.  I believe that if I had not done this prior P/T training I would not have been able to finish the patrol class.
6 day 5
The next two days was all patrol training involving patrolling with LBE and ruck to set up a patrol base and then patrolling with LBE and patrol pack.  We then had a night time recon patrol and were required to formulate a recon plan, execute the plan and provide intelligence on the objective.  The last day was exhaustive due to overnight patrol base security operations and patrolling up trails and ridge lines, however the ambush drill and the final operation “The Raid” really gets your adrenalin flowing.
6 day 4
All of the students who completed the CTT/Patrol class were competent and learned quickly, the group was cohesive and worked well together through all of the exercises.  I was truly impressed that one of the members of 1st squad brought his 16 Y/O son, it is important that the younger generation know why we do what we do, and how to do it correctly.  What ever you learn that is of value, it will be lost of you don’t pass it on.  I was very impressed with the training program from start to finish.  Anyone who is concerned with the security of their family, farm or retreat must consider their capabilities to mount a defense of same.  In my opinion you could not find a more comprehensive training program or more qualified instructors than at Max Velocity Tactical.