Stop Shouting: Review of Patriot Dawn: “Believable EnterTRAINment”

Partyzanski of the Stop Shouting blog reviews ‘Patriot Dawn: The Resistance RisesHERE.


The subtitle of the work is “The Resistance Rises”.  The book lives up to this, as it is the origins story for the second work in the series which will be reviewed later.  The plausible backstory, which details the gradual decay and the descent into national disarray is believably presented with an eye to detail.  I found the writing to be riveting… by page 42, I could feel the tension as my pulse quickened along with the narrative.  This is the first time that from reading a work of fiction, the sensations of combat and the exhaustion afterwards left me physically tired.  It is evocative writing, filled with potent characters and solid storyline.