Special Operations Rig (SOR)



The Special Operations Rig (SOR) was designed in collaboration with SOF personnel, specifically to fill the need for a rig that will comfortably carry the AN/PRC 152 radio. This capability has resulted in two collapsible side pouches that enhance the rig by allowing the carriage of 2 x AN/PRC 152 radios (one each side), or 2 x 5.56 magazines in each radio pouch, or use the pouches for admin items or leave them collapsed. In addition, the front of the radio pouches has four rows of MOLLE, for the attachment of admin pouches are needed.

These specific design features and capabilities have resulted in a rig that is extremely versatile to varying load requirements, and will suit non-military as well as military personnel, whether or not you carry a radio on your gear.

  • Wear the SOR Rig with the supplied H-harness, over a Plate Carrier or standalone.
  • Use the MVT PC Kit (sold separately) to attach the SOR Rig directly to your Plate Carrier.
  • Multiple use options, as an assault panel over a PC, or standalone in ‘recce mode.’
  • The SOR Rig is designed to allow the radio pouches to adjust comfortably across your chest, or if worn over a PC, the radio/mags fit into the space beside your front plate



The Special Operations Rig (SOR) is well designed and crafted, 100% MADE IN USA, giving you the ability to carry four (4) x 5.56 (.223) magazines in easily accessible magazine pouches. Utilizing kydex retention inserts in the magazine pouches gives excellent magazine retention while allowing for lighting fast reloads. You can plus up the rig to 8 magazines, using the collapsible radio pouches, if you need.

This rig has some outstanding features:

  • 5.56 (.223) magazine pouches with kydex inserts x 4.
  • Low profile slim fit with the 4 x magazine pouches close to the body.
  • Each magazine pouch is supplied with a Kydex insert which both secures the magazine and allows for fast reloads.
  • 3 rows of MOLLE across the rig for maximum versatility.
  • 4 MOLLE wide side panles for the attachment of additonall pouches.
  • 2 x collapsible radio/magazine pouches behind the side panels, specifically designed for the AN/PRC 152 radio / 2 x 5.56 magazines.
  • Adjustable elastic/550 cord straps on the radio pouch to secure items of various sizes.
  • ‘Tuck tab’ design of the admin pouches (sold separately), providing secure closed-top pouches that can be accessed with complete silence – no velcro, buckle, or snap noise.
  • 4 adjustable points for a “perfect fit” for almost any body type / shape.
  • H-harness design with “vertical” MOLLE – providing comfort to be worn by itself, or with a backpack.
  • H-Harness is supplied with MOLLE to make the rig hydration carrier compatible.
  • Rear pouch for orienteering style compass.
  • Map / Notebook Pouch on back of rig, overlaying the compass pouch.
  • Rear velcr patch, covered
  • Antennae loops on the bottom of the rig. By using a flexible antenna extension, you can route the antennae(s) down and under the rig.
  • 1000D Cordura.
  • 100% MADE IN THE USA.




KYDEX INSERTS: At MVT, we believe that you need a rig that is quick and easy to insert mags, bump mags, or do a tactical reload. What we wanted was a way of doing it with one hand, allowing you to keep the other on the rifle, scanning. Kydex inserts allow you to remove and insert, one handed, including in low/no light. You can hang upside down without worrying about your mags falling out. They provide pouch rigidity, so it’s easier to reload, without the pouch collapsing around the mag.

For Group / Unit orders of the Special Operations Rig (SOR) of 10 or more rigs, please do not use the shopping cart, but contact us directly (email: We can give you a 10% discount on the entire order, plus a single shipping quote, rather than having to pay for individual shipping.








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