Sneak Peek: 3X Special Forces Rig

Here at MVT Gear we have been working on this new design in order to overcome some equipment carriage problems faced by Special Forces operators, who carry not only an ammo and equipment load, but also one or two AN/PRC 152 radios on their rig. We are really excited about what we have come up with!

We are now in the testing phase of the 3x Special Forces rig prototype. This rig has proved to be an excellent design and offers a lot of versatility to both military and civilian users, whether or not a radio of any type is part of your equipment loadout. We took a basic load of 4 magazines as our requested standard, and based the design off the MVT Responder Rig, with some changes.

We are also bringing out our PC Attachment kit which will allow you to attach the 3X Rig, and any other MVT Rigs, to your Plate Carrier (PC). The 3X Rig is designed to be worn over top or attached to a PC, or on its own in ‘recon’ mode. All of this gear should be available no later than the end of October.

Prototype Photos:

Below: Basic 3X Rig with H-Harness. The rig features 4 x Kydex 5.56 magazine pouches on the front, a compass and map pouch behind, and 2 side panels equipped with MOLLE webbing. Behind the side panels are the radio pouches, which are collapsible and sized to fit an AN/PRC 152 radio, or two 5.56 magazines. If you don’t use them, the radio pouches collapse down into a basic side panel.


Below: Here the 3X is attached to a Crye JPC using the PC Attachment Kit. You can see the 4 mags to the front in the kydex mag pouches. To the right you can see 2 x mags in the radio pouch, and to the right you can see an example radio in the other radio pouch. When mounted on a PC, the side radio pouches sit nicely to the sides of the front plate, nestled into the gap where your ribs are. You can also now carry 4 x 5.56 mags across the front of your PC, in kydex pouches, which is an improvement on the customary 3 that you can fit across the front of a standard PC.


Below: side view of the right side radio pouch, and the PC attachment kit over top of the cummerbund.


Below: view of the left side of the rig, attached over the Crye JPC. 2 x 5.56 mags are in the radio pouch, nestled comfortably into the space behind the front plate. When worn without a PC, carrying a radio/mags is still comfortable, wit the way the panel is designed, it follows the curve of the chest, rather than jamming into your ribs, which is a problem with many of the ways that the AN/PRC 152 is carried in this spot.


Below: side view of the right side radio pouch, with example radio (the AN/PRC 152 is larger than this example). The pouch will collapse with nothing in it.


Below: side view of the right side of the rig, mounted to a JPC. The 4 wide MOLLE panel allows attachment of other admin pouches. You can get 2 of the small or medium MVT silent opening pouches, or one of the yet to be announced 3 MOLLE wide MVT large admin pouches.


We are very excited about this rig. We are making a couple of minor changes after testing of the prototype, putting it through some trials on the October 13-18 Combat Patrol Class, and then I’m getting myself one in coyote brown!

PC Attachment kits will also be announced when we are ready to sell them, as well as the large admin pouches (shortly).