September Classes + Feedback Request

We have several classes going on in September:

The MVT Rifleman’s Challenge is running 4-6 September with 14 competitors as it stands right now. Good effort. (There is still space if you want to jump in).

There are spaces on:

Combat Patrol 18-20 September.

Combat Team Tactics 25-27 September.

Citizen Close Combat 26-27 September

There are also spaces on October classes and beyond.



I would like to get some feedback on the Rifleman Challenge:

I made a policy that you can only attend the RC if you are an alumni of at minimum Combat Team Tactics. This is due to some of the events on the Challenge: live fire team fire and maneuver and team break contact drills. It is a safety / competency issue. However, having a funnel such as CTT will always reduce the pool of potential competitors, but there is the simple competency / safety factor of having people who have prior training.

The thought I would like to float is this: how about, for people who can demonstrate some form of acceptable prior training, whether suitable military service or other reputable training schools, conduct a training day prior to the Challenge (Thursday prior to Friday) where we basically cover day 2 of Combat Team Tactics: safety, fire and  movement and basic break contact drills. Enough to get them on the right page for the competition. Exact details TBD.

The other factor is that there would have to be a minimum number for the pre-day. We are teaching team drills so I would preferably have a group of 4 at minimum. We could get away with 2 or 3, and just teach principles.