Seeking Feedback on the 5 Day Class Scheduling

If you check out my Class Schedule, you will see that I have added a number of 5 Day Combined Classes, combining CRCD with Combat Patrol.

I have added a couple of variations to the schedule: having the class run Saturday thru Wednesday, or putting the five days on weekdays (Monday thru Friday) with the weekend to travel.

I am interested in feedback on which of these variations suits the best. The classes later in the year can always be adjusted to fit.

For example, I notice that the class running Monday June 30 to Friday July 4th may benefit from being put back to a Sunday start, allowing Saturday to travel and getting you home for July 4th celebrations.

There has to be a balance here between the requirement for leave days from work, and travel time plus potentially leaving the weekends free. It may be that the Saturday thru Wednesday schedule wins out, and I adjust the class dates accordingly.

Please let me know.

Till Valhalla!