Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner: Congo 64/65

Excellent video. If you want more info on what is happening, read the description below the video. Note for the morons: the mercs in the video are not commiting the atrocities. Again there is a description below the video.

I was contemplating all the talk over the planned demonstration in DC on the 6th January. I am sure there will be a lot of talk about how everyone was REALLY polite, and made sure they picked up all their litter, and made it tidier than when they arrived. Yes dear, splendid.

Personally, I was reminded of this video, and how it would be much more appropriate for Patriots to run a ‘flying column’ into the third word lawless shithole that is DC, in order to liberate it. Of course, it won’t be as noble as rescuing nuns, but we can try. Maybe we would rescue the Republic?

Anyway, for your amusement. You have to view it on YouTube, it will not embed due to being age restricted.

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