Rifle Skills / Combat Team Tactics

Class Review: I took the Rifle Skills (RS) / Combat Team Tactics (CTT) classes at MVT this past week (Aug 18-21) and what follows is my take on the experience. I read ‘Contact!’ about a year and a half ago and then several times since trying to put all of the pieces together. Then I would head out to the back of my property and “practice” what I had read. Here is what I learned: Read the book, and then get your butt to MVT for the actual training. There is a big difference between trying to figure it out yourself and having someone show / instruct you directly and correctly. My take-away from the class:

  • Buy the quality gear they suggest. My buddy (DangerMart) got part of that name for showing up to class with a super cheap red dot from a “mart” store which lasted all of two days before he went to the backup iron sights. Same for all of the Franken-guns that showed up to class, nothing but problems. Buy once, cry once!
  • PT! I wasn’t in bad shape, but this type of training favors a guy / gal who will get off their butt and do the work needed behind the scenes; I will be doing a lot more PT. That said, Max and 1st Sergeant are more interested in teaching you the material than they are in hammering you, I never felt that I or anyone else was pushed physically beyond their personal capability.
  • I can’t say enough about the professionalism and attention to safety these guys give during the course.I was a little apprehensive about doing live fire drills with people I don’t know or trust but it wasn’t an issue. Yes, you might get a stern correction but hey you’re dealing with a live weapon. When you did something right, they were quick to let you know that as well.
  • You simply can’t get this type and quality of training anywhere else, why do you think Army Spec-Op teams have come to MVT before they deployed? This is not a one and done sort of thing either, you need to practice these skills so I will definitely be coming back for future classes. Was it worth the cost and driving half way across the county (all night) to attend? Definitely!

Do you and your family a favor and learn how to use your weapon in a realistic setting. Punching paper is great for sighting your weapon and drilling some basics but that is not going to cut it in a real fight where bullets are coming back your direction if you, God forbid, have to experience that. I have definitely had my eyes opened to a whole other world! I will be adding MVT to my yearly to do list, and more as time and money permit. Brad