Instructors: John and Max

3 day course

Day 1- live fire range day. Dialed in rifles. Then worked on facing drills, shooting and moving, and barricade drills. In afternoon, worked on door entry and room clearance in 2 and 4 man teams. Dry fire of course.

Day 2- issued UTM bolts and ammo. Trained at the CQB huts. Entire day was focused on Door entry and room clearance in 2, 3, 4 man teams using UTM on targets. Target discrimination was reinforced. Many many reps done. Also had a timed competition of 2 man teams consisting of running 100 yds and then clearing entire structures with targets. Ended day with learning to move through hallways with T and 4 way intersections in 4 man teams.

Day 3- started the day learning shotgun breaching. Then went into UTM force on force with OPFOR in buildings. Many reps done. Afternoon we started working in 4 and 5 man teams against 4-5 man OPFOR.

Overall, an excellent course. Not my first CQB course but it was hands down the most advanced course I have ever seen or heard of for civilians. You will learn how to clear buildings in 2-4 man teams. However, you will also realize that to be good at CQB you need to practice and practice and repeat.