Combat Rifle Skills

Whether you are new to the AR-15 or have been shooting at your local range for years the Combat Rifle Skills (CRS) class at Max Velocity Tactical (MVT) is the course for you. My prior experience before taking CRS included shooting for about four years and taking three pistol courses through the NRA. Before taking CRS I owned an AR-15 for a couple of years and shot at a local range but I was a novice at best. I didn’t know too much about the AR-15 or how to fully maximize its capabilities. CRS implements a scaffolding approach of teaching students how to properly use the AR-15. By this I mean you will start with the basics and build new skills off of what you have already learned. In this course you will start with learning basic skills such as combat reloads and shooting from different positions. Once these have been mastered, you will continue to apply these exercises to more in-depth training such as RTR drills.

Overall, I was very satisfied with this training and felt that it has taught me a lot and prepared me for taking Combat Team Tactics through MVT. Again this is a great course whether you are new to shooting or looking for a refresher before taking more advanced courses. Remember by taking this course you are investing in yourself.