Review & Photos: Combat Rifle Skills 5-6 November: The Hobbit


Above: Scott instructs CRS.

MVT 556 Patrol Rig.


Student Review: The Hobbit:

Having just finished the November 5-6 Combat Rifle Skills class I had a few things I would like to say. First I will highly recommend this class to anyone who is serious about learning to run an AR rifle. I don’t care if you have been shooting them for years, if you have no professional training with one you will get something valuable from this course.

Scott (First Sergeant) taught this course and I have to say that he made learning these skills easy. He starts each new concept with a demonstration and is willing to go through explaining what he is doing multiple times to make sure each student gets it. Then he has you practice the concepts yourself, sometimes starting with a dry rehearsal before moving to live fire. He will call you on mistakes you make during these drills but then will explain what was performed incorrectly.

Before I move on I would like to address one other thing about First Sergeant. Do not be intimidated by him, going into this class I was slightly intimidated about screwing up and being “That guy” as well as being chewed out for these mistakes. Once I actually met him I realized that he is far from the bogeyman. Overall he is laid back and passionate about teaching these skills to students. Yes he will yell and you might get a nickname that will stick with you but he also jokes around and is very willing to share his experiences and thoughts with you.


Above: 14 year old female student doing really well. I was told that the MVT website / training is a little intimidating. Really?

MVT 556 Responder Rig, replacing the unworkable Chicom she showed up in.





One of the first things you will learn is Malfunction drills for the AR rifle. This section right here is worth the cost of admission in and of itself. You learn how to identify each of the five major malfunctions and how to clear them. Furthermore you also learn what the common causes for the malfunctions so you can remedy the cause.

Before malfunction drills you will zero your rifle. Once again First Sergeant is very helpful spending as much time as needed to help the students properly zero their rifles. You then go on to work on combat reloads and then the tactical reload. A quick tip on gear, do yourself a favor and buy a couple good quality mag pouches for the tac reload. You do not want to be fumbling around trying to reinsert a mag into a crappy pouch. (Max just so you know the Patrol Chest rig you sold me Saturday night was worth every penny and I have no buyers remorse.)


Leaving some surprises for day one I want to briefly talk about day two of the course. You will probably start out doing a quick run through of the malfunction drills to get your mind woken up. Then it is into new material. You will work on doing some “snap” shooting from behind cover as well as doing from your weak side. (Remember mechanical offset, First Sergeant frowns on you shooting through his “cover”.) You will also be introduced to working as buddy pairs and fire/movement drills.


Finally I would like to thank Max for providing these classes at a top notch facility and Also Him and First Sergeant for providing their time and knowledge to teach it. These are skills you can not learn anywhere else outside of military experience and they are something well worth knowing if you are concerned about what the future may bring.


P.S. I would also like to extend a thanks to the other students I took this class with and the other students taking FoF over the weekend. You all helped make this a very informative weekend with your combined knowledge.


Above: MVT 556 Responder Rig



Above: MVT 3X Special Forces Rig

















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