Review of ‘Contact!’ by Mountain Guerrilla

Thanks to John Mosby of  the Mountain Guerrilla Blog for taking the time to do a thorough review of ‘Contact! A Tactical Manual for Post Collapse Survival.’

Read the review on his blog HERE

Thanks also to WRSA for linking to the review HERE with links to the book on Amazon HERE

LOL to Mosby for pointing out how I failed to use the word MNEMONIC aid, using instead ‘PNUEMONIC’. How I felt like a fool when that was pointed out to me before! I have changed that with the new edit.

There was a good point of constructive criticism in the review that I have taken on board: It’s interesting that when I basically re-wrote and re-worked ‘Contact’ to turn it into the other book ‘Rapid Fire’, I added a certain amount more of personal anecdotes. I even added a little section on it. Mainly because Rapid Fire was designed mainly for those working in high threat and combat environments so that stuff was right up there as relevant.
I stayed away from that with Contact because I did not want it to appear that I was simply regurgitating ‘stuff that I did over there’. I wanted Contact to be designed for prepper scenarios in CONUS collapse type scenarios, and not dismissed a simply a soldier telling people to do what he ‘did over there’ when he had ‘all that backup’ etc.
It is also true that the tactics that I write, extracted in the main from the overarching doctrine and my training, are also formed by my personal experience of ‘how I actually did them’ even when I do not state the specific anecdote. That is an aspect that I will take on board and have to look at for a potential third reworking, perhaps as an official ‘second edition’ at some point in the future.

Much appreciated.