Review: Mobile Defensive Concealed Handgun Class, Missouri – by Dana

I took the Defensive Concealed Handgun class with Scott and I cannot say enough about how incredibly valuable I found this training.  Two full days of practical, real-world application of concealed handgun defensive techniques that were at times challenging but always confidence building.  Incorporating situational awareness complemented with real-world examples was an invaluable part of the curriculum. I found that as much as I thought I considered contingencies given different situations, Scott identified more critical and practical things to consider all in the context of what will likely be a heightened adrenaline, stressful situation.  The training emphasized techniques and mindset to help me react in a measured way and with the ability to execute with accuracy if the need arises.

There are plenty of courses around for gun safety and basic shooting skills but I was unable to find anything comparable to this class.  The experience was invaluable and the skills taught were wholly practical and applicable for real world situations.  If you carry concealed and you are committed to protecting yourself and your loved ones, I highly recommend this class.  You’ll learn skills you can use and gain a well-rounded foundation of situational awareness that you’ll be able to leverage in real-world scenarios. When you’re done with this class, if you ever have to draw your handgun, you’ll do so much more proficiently and confidently.