Review: HEAT 1 March 2018: Dimitri

HEAT 1 (previously CTT) is a very good cornerstone class for small unit tactics learning.  This class continues to evolve into a must take and repeat course.  Each time I have taken this class I am learning something new and get better understanding of the things learned in previous HEAT 1 (CTT) classes.  This class should be taken more than once or twice, as they say: “practice makes it perfect”.

One of the things which I have noticed about myself in HEAT 1 is, things begin to slow down for me during the drills, movements, and communication.  The situational awareness is becoming less chaotic during the drills, which allows me to focus on practicing to shoot with both eyes open, better scanning of the surrounding environment, and most importantly better communication with other team members during the drills.

Max and Scott do a very good job at the layer-based teaching style of the class criteria.  They each have a way to present the information in a clear and to the point manner.  Each question is clearly answered, explanations are given to reinforce topics explained, any “tacticool internet” non-sense is quickly put to rest to be never seen or heard of again.

The group of guys at the class in Marxh was superb.  Everyone helped each other out during the training, exchanged ideas, guys shared thoughts on gear and gear preferences, even a few good laughs during the break times between training.  I am looking forward to returning to another HEAT 1 in the near future.