Review: Defensive Concealed Handgun May 13 – 14: ‘Holger Danske’

Review of Defensive Concealed Handgun – May 13-14, 2017

The Defensive Concealed Handgun class at MVT is a must training for the beginner to the advanced individual that feels the need to be armed on a daily basis and wants to be responsibly trained in the event one must use the handgun for personal protection. The training is professionally delivered in a no nonsense teaching/learning environment designed to take you where you are and train you to where you need to be as a responsibly trained, armed individual.
‘First Sergeant’ (Scott) is an excellent teacher regardless of your level of experience or proficiency with your concealed carry weapon.  His straight forward approach delivers the highest quality, reality based skills and drills to give students the required skills to be proficient and confident that when one must draw a weapon in self defense, one can and will deliver the necessary response with the necessary skills in the necessary moment of truth.  He is a man who’s been there, done that, and has the necessary teaching acumen to get you on target/on point mentally and physically with the reality based, concealed handgun skills taught at MVT.
In the class I attended, we had males and a female, beginning shooter and Army veteran. First Sergeant was excellently skilled at group instruction and extremely accomplished at giving individual instruction when needed, and an individual or group scolding when students’ concentration and focus lapsed after said skills were repeated many times.  He is a master at ripping off old training “scabs” and bad habits in order to get you trained correctly, competently, and professionally in the event your life or the life of another comes under attack.
The emphasis on professionally delivered training drills and situations for one who decides to conceal carry a gun for personal protection is second to none.
Also, I highly recommend the Night training portion of the class for additional skills and scenarios necessary to complete your defensive handgun skill set. The different night fighting situations are definitely a necessary and welcomed addition to your tactical tool box, and obviously, not something that can be imitated or replicated during the normal day portion of the training course. I highly recommend it.
I would like to place my vote here and now for development of Defensive Concealed Handgun II for additional training to pick up where this course left off. (Hint… Hint…First Sergeant, you may delete this last comment if I’ve stepped over the proverbial “line.”).  Bottom line… Get to MVT! Get trained!
Holger Danske
(MVT Forum Username)
Defensive Concealed Handgun Class – May 13-14, 2017

We have a number of training events coming up at MVT and we have space.:

June 3-4: Scott runs Combat Rifle Skills in Romney, WV.

June 10-11: Chris runs Combat Rifle Skills in Spokane, WA.

June 16-18 is the massive discount on the CQB/Force on Force weekend with Max & Scott in Romney, WV.

July 7 – 9: Max & Scott run Combat Team Tactics in Romney, WV.

July 8 – 9: Chris runs Combat Rifle Skills in Spokane, WA.

July 22 – 23: Scott runs Defensive Concealed Handgun in Romney, WV.

August 3 – 6: Max & Scott run Combat Patrol / Direct Action in Romney, WV.

August 19 – 20: Scott runs Combat Rifle Skills in Romney, WV.

August 18 – 20: John runs CQBC in Romney WV (May is full but we have space on the August class.

September 2 – 3: Scott runs Defensive Concealed Handgun in Romney, WV.



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