Review: Defensive Concealed Handgun (DCH) 6/26-27 – Brian

The 2-day DCH handgun course was time very well spent on a square range in beautiful West Virginia (VTC Romney), taught by MTV instructor Scott. Our class included men and women ranging from absolute beginners to seasoned pistol shooters. I’m somewhere in the middle – having been absent from the square range shooting pistol drills, for nearly a decade – I really needed to knock the rust off. 

We definitely saw the beginners master gun safety, weapon manipulation and marksmanship during the class. That doesn’t mean that the experienced shooters weren’t challenged to improve their pistol skills. Scott’s curriculum stressed incremental improvement of marksmanship and weapon manipulation as the class progressed with each successive drill and technique.

A portion of the class included an optional night shoot that allowed students to employ multiple flashlight techniques as well as shooting with different low-light sources, including flashing lights.

In addition, Scott’s instruction stressed the mindset of not being in a place where you would be more likely to use deadly force to protect your life or the life of a loved one – and that the mind is a much more important tool to keep you safe than a gun. 

Scott also spent time explaining the gear that he has used in real-world situations. His gear recommendations will save you from making costly mistakes when you buy guns, belts, holsters, mags, pouches and flashlights.

Overall, I had a really great time, with a great group of folks, learning a lot of very important mindset concepts and drills to practice at home and at the range.

Thank you, Scott for a great class!