Review: Combat Rifle Skills, Missouri: Jess


Review: Combat Rifle Skills, Missouri: Jess

I recently had an opportunity to train with Max during a weekend Combat Rifle Skills class. This was my second time to train with him. I went through Combat Team Tactics (CTT) and Combat Patrol (CP) back in July as a part of a private class. I have to say this training isn’t just for men. I am a wife and a mother and for me it was a great opportunity to prove to myself, that in my husband’s absence, I could confidently and independently handle my rifle and protect my children and my home.

Max’s most crucial piece of advice is “only go as fast as you can go”. It’s not about being first to complete a drill, it’s about retaining and effectively applying the information. Safety is always number one. One thing that sets him apart for me is he is able to tailor his training to anyone’s skill set while keeping everyone engaged without leaving anyone behind.

Another great piece of advice is making sure you have good quality gear. I purchased the MVT 556 Responder Chest Rig and absolutely love it. It’s more narrow across the chest and allows my arms to hang naturally at my side. During the CRS class, the majority of the participants had MVT chest rigs, there were a few who had other gear. By day two they could see the practicality of the MVT gear verses what they were using.


Above: MVT 556 Responder Rig, Multicam


As I mentioned earlier, this training isn’t just for men. There were 3 other women who trained over the weekend. All did amazing, again Max is able to focus his training on the individual’s skill set. Remember, only go as fast as you can go..


I am already planning more training with Max next spring. One thing that is clear from the moment you meet him is this is his passion. He’s not just some hard core drill sergeant who is screaming in your face to move faster.  Don’t get me wrong, he’s not afraid to get loud and step on your toes when necessary but he truly cares about the quality of training he provides. If you do your research, you’ll see this guy is for real.













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