Reminder: ShotStop Price Increases Jan 1st 2022! Last chance at discounted rates!

Prices for ShotStop plates are increasing by an average of 15% in 2022.

ShotStop plates are unreservedly the best plates available. Lightweight, 15 year warranty, they do not suffer from heat issues or break easily like many ceramic plates do, and they do not have the problems that steel plates do.

I have set it up so the promotion of 10% OFF plus free shipping is still available to you through New Year. This is your opportunity to get your hands on these plates, and be ready for the Dark Winter.

There is no time like the present to invest in ballistic plates, to protect you and your family.

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ShotStop Plates

ShotStop Ballistic Plates

If you want the lightest, thinnest and most effective ballistic plates, buy ShotStop.

These plates are not cheap! Why? Because you are paying for quality, lightness and effectiveness, with a 15 year warranty.

Don’t trust your instinct to buy cheap. Realize the importance of stopping penetrating trauma to the torso for your survivability, ability to fight back, and win.

For example, the GT2 plates by ShotStop are an amazing balance of protection level against light weight and thinness. The plates have been designed as a “Special Threat” capability. These plates will stop the standard rounds stopped by a Level 3 plate, but in addition they will also stop multi-hit impacts from:

  • M855 / SS109 ‘Green Tip.”
  • M193
  • M855 A1
  • 7.62 x 39
  • .308 / 7.62

GT2: Weighing only 3.8lb and 0.6″ thick for the 10×12!

This plate will stop all threats except the M2 AP round. In terms of a sensible risk assessment, you can wear these GT2 plates at 3.8lb each, and stop all threats except the M2 AP round. That is an excellent trade off between mobility versus protection. Everything we do in tactical world is always a calculated risk – these plates balance very well the tradeoff between mobility and protection.

Introducing the Duritium IV+HA Advanced Body Armor Plates! These plates will stop the M2 AP round! At 4.5lb and 0.9′ thick for the 10×12, these plates will give you ‘boiler-plate’ protection from all threats!

Level IV HA: Weighing only 4.5lb and 0.9″ thick for the 10×12!

The Green Tip (M855) round is one of the most common rounds purchased. And most plates will not stop it. The M193 is also very common, and is kryptonite to steel plates. The GT2 and HA plates will stop the M193, M855 & M855A1.

Paying the cost for lightweight and highly maneuverable ShotStop plates is easier than trying to survive and treat penetrating trauma to the torso / thoracic cavity, would you not agree?

A set of these plates is in my plate carrier.

ShotStop Ballistic Plates