“RED” – The Ambush: Useful Short Movie

I just came across this short movie. I have no idea of who made this and why, but it is useful:

This is interesting and quite well made. If you look past the ‘Hollywood’ aspects of it, it can be used as a short training movie in terms of illustrating to people the following:

1) Use of cover and concealment (do better!).

2) Accurate fire.

3) Suppressing the enemy.



If you apply some of what you have learned at MVT classes to the action in the movie, you can see right and wrong actions from the ‘SEAL Team’ in the short movie.

Looking past the complete diversion to their mission by engaging the enemy base, the movie shows a quick adaptation of a hasty ambush. Remember: we are not teaching you absolutes at MVT, but how to apply the tactical principles to the situation. Pushing the SAW gunner to the left flank gave him an enfilade shot along the road on which the vehicle was exiting i.e. cut off group. The main kill group of rifleman was in the center, with the designated marksman pushed to the right flank in order to get a flank (enfilade) shot onto targets that were in cover to the main kill group. (I also did not understand the LT’s brief to his guys, but I saw what the movie showed next, and how they were positioned).

I did enjoy the fieldcraft fail when the scout gave the freeze signal and the patrol leader just waltzed on up to him in the open without a care in the world, then got everyone together in the open to have a conversation, while checking the super-high-speed satellite imagery……..

If you are going to comprise your mission to interfere with murders, then perhaps best to do it before the murders happen? Because doing it after still compromised their mission/exfil and was simply revenge…..YMMV.

One final point: Only Godless Commies use AKs!

Anyway, enjoy: