Re-Post: When They Are Hunting You (+ Original Comments)

A re-post:

I received the following request:
“I am wondering if you have any thoughts about defensive tactics if one is being hunted down by men with trained tracking dogs.”
I’m not a subject matter expert on tracking or tracking dogs, but I’ve done a bit of E & E training as the pursued so I have a few thoughts for you, perhaps a little different from the conventional.
The first thing is the context of this: the assumption is that you are being hunted by pursuers with tracker dogs, but where are you, who are the pursuers, how many of them are there and what other assets do they have? Well, we can look at a few circumstances on this. Let’s assume that you are a small four man resistance patrol that is being tracked in a rural/woodland setting. We can bring in and discuss other assets and how that will impact you as we go further along the scenario.
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