Patrol Bases

The intent today is to pass on a little more in formation on patrol bases. I was out on the Interwebz again and saw some of the usual re-posting of basic FM stuff. That’s all very well, but you need to add context, experience and common sense to give realistic background to what you are putting out there.

What is a patrol base? It is a concealed location which you will establish to conduct routine, rest and, as the name suggests, further operations in line with your reason for being out there (the mission), such as patrolling (recce, raid, ambush, OP etc). There is much put out there on the Interwebz that is inaccurate. For example, a patrol base may not necessarily be for only one night. If you move into an area and establish a base, well concealed, why move it, particularity if by constantly moving you are increasing your signature? If you can successfully move into an area and establish a base in deep cover, from which you can conduct your further operations, then that is perfectly fine. You won’t be there forever anyway, just for the duration of the mission.


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