More on Squad Organization and the Assault Cycle

I posted HERE about ‘The Squad – Size & Organization‘. I advocated for a squad size of twelve or thirteen, with three four man teams. This generated a healthy discussion in comments. I am following up with this post in order to give you more depth on the WHY.

There is a method to the squad size and organization that I am advocating. It is not simply an arbitrary number. The three team squad of either 12 or 13 individuals allows a great deal of flexibility in deployment. What I’m effectively giving you is a half platoon size squad that can operate in the assault cycle just like a platoon does.

The assault cycle relies on a minimum of three sub units. At any one time a sub unit will be assigned to one of the following tasks in the assault: assault team, fire support team, or flank protection/reserve. This cycle is a flow, for example if you are conducting a deliberate attack (raid) and perhaps you have two slightly separate enemy objectives, perhaps bunkers, to destroy. You may assign one team or squad to the first assault. Once successful that team or squad may then become a fire support element in order to allow the previous reserve or flank protection team to move through and destroy the second position.


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