Combat Rifle: Solid Basics to Keep You Alive

I know this blog has been all about the new Max Velocity Tactical training courses lately, so I have been thinking about a new information download and also pondering some of the instruction I gave last weekend. I am going to attempt to express some ideas here on paper that may be better expressed in face to face instruction. To some, who are used to what is out there in the ‘tacticool’ world of carbine training, these ideas may seem a little different or at odds to what you are familiar with. Well, that may be true and I stick by it.

I have always been a little wary of the term ‘gun fighting.’ I trawled YouTube and the internet in general before my training course to get an idea of what people were up to and therefore what may be in people’s heads when they showed up to my courses. There is a lot of ‘tacticool’ and a lot of ‘Hollywood’ out there. In my opinion, there is altogether too much standing on square ranges, engaging targets from a standing position, as if they are not shooting back and as if they are not potentially in depth or cover and able to take you out as you stand there. Some of it seems very impressive but in my mind much of it is almost in the category of ‘circus trickery’ carbine mastery – showing off. Although there is a lot to be said to being awesome with your carbine, most of this lacks tactical application and if you don’t have all day every day to practice, you will be missing out on good solid basics and putting yourself at great risk.
Some of the instruction also appears to incorporate drills almost for their own sake that appear to have been invented as ‘something to do’ on what are otherwise very limited ranges.
I see a lot of this training as an equivalent to boxing training by just punching a heavy bag. It’s not punching back, and I can stand there and hit it all day, looking good. When it starts to hit back, you need to think about moving, duck and covering….
What you need to focus on are very good basics. I will attempt to explain some of this below:
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