Forum Support Raffle: $50 for a DBAL-12 IR/Green Laser

Ladies and Gentlemen!

We are having some work done on the MVT forum. I order to raise money to improve and support the forum, we are holding a raffle:

JRH Enterprises has very graciously donated a DBAL Green/IR laser for a raffle to benefit the MVT Forum. $50 gets you a shot at this fantastic piece of gear, an $800 value! The proceeds go directly to Forum support. Please use the donate button on the blog to enter, or find it on the right side of the MVT Forum. Your name will be printed out and the winner will be picked at random on March 19th during the Force on Force training at MVT by one of the attendees. Max, the cadre, or any of our moderators on the forum are NOT eligible to win. It’s a great time to help the Forum and possibly pick up a nice piece of kit as well!

Remember, as part of the work, the forum will be offline from 6pm on Friday 11th to 6pm Saturday 12th March.

Thank you!