Protective Gear for Force on Force Team Tactics

I’m currently at the March Force on Force Team Tactics Class. Following some experimentation from cadre, and suggestions for  students, we are going to expand the face/head protective gear allowed at class to more than just the UTM face mask. Your face, neck, eyes and head need to be covered with no exposed skin, including ballistic goggles.

Below: UTM Face mask, as issued to students at MVT FoF Classes. This is the military version designed to allow a cheek weld:

Student UTM Mask

Below: Mesh face shield, ballistic googles, helmet and neck protector:

Max UTM Mask

The mesh shield in the photo is sold at EVIKE.COM HERE. It covers the ears and the metal frame can be bent  to comfortably mold it to the face. Shown below:


A similar setup of helmet, face mask, googles and neck protector will work, so long as the head/face, neck, ears and eyes are covered. If you wish to wear something other than the issued mask, cadre will asses it before making a decision on whether to approve it for training, based on the safety requirements. The mesh shields  allow for better breathing and cooling.

The following type of setup is also acceptable:Chomper_UTM

‘Team Coyote.’