Private Group Classes – Nationwide

MVT now has the ability to conduct remote classes. The Texas classes are next week, and later this year we have a number of other remote private classes, including Missouri and Idaho.

Since running the first Texas class in 2015, I now have several AR500 shields that are designed to protect the electronic pop-up target mechanisms. This means that I can run ranges with these targets without having to dig target pits, and thus allows the incorporation of ‘Ivan’ pop-ups into remote training. All this gear goes into the back of the truck, and you get a fully mobile MVT training solution. If we can get the truck there, we can run a class.

MVT is the leader in this type of tactical training. We are combining combat proven light infantry techniques with varied tactical experience including paramilitary security contracting, to bring tactical training that is relevant to the armed citizen. The classes that we have designed at MVT are real world tactics, the real deal, and are simply in a class of their own – the investment and application of the electronic targetry, as we as other training aids and safe but realistic scenario based training, are second to none.

There are two styles of remote classes that can be run:

  1. Hosted open enrollment classes. This is similar to the Texas model, where you host a class but students book onto it open enrollment. Students book and pay individually as per an open enrollment class at the VTC.
  2. Hosted private group classes. These are the most cost efficient, because you get a flat rate for each day of training, for up to 12 or 16 students. The more students you have, the more you can spread the cost. Rates for these classes are based on the private rate at the VTC, but with a travel cost added to the daily rate, depending where you are and the length of the class that you book. The VTC private rate is $1200 per day.

I have a document that I send to prospective hosts, detailing the outline requirement for training areas. If you are interested, you can contact me to discuss this. I am also looking for a regular training site out West / Pacific North West in any case: I’m not planning on attempting to set up a regular school, but annual training classes at a suitable site would be a good option, to compliment the Texas classes that are now in their second year.

So, these classes can be either entirely private to your group, partially open, or fully public open enrollment.

Classes Available: You can ask for a combination of any of the classes that MVT offers. You can also ask for customized training to your needs / situation. For example Texas this year is a 5 day Combat Team Tactics (CTT)/ Mobility class followed by a 6 day Combat Team Tactics / Combat Patrol. The 6 day CTT / CP combination is popular for private group classes. I also have an 8 day CTT / Mobility / CP class scheduled.

You can add Citizen Close Combat (c3), including use of UTM for Force on Force, or Force on Force Team Tactics, or focus in detail on a skill area, such as extended patrol class going into more detail on Satellite Patrolling and the employment of the CUTT (Citizen Unconventional  Tactical team). I am happy to discuss details and curriculum development.

Combat Team Tactics (3 days) is the basic requirement for all classes: this is the MVT baseline class that will establish safety, competence and SOPs.

Please contact us for more information and to discuss suitable training land, and your requirements.