Posting Update + Advice

I haven’t posted any detailed tactical articles lately. I am just finished moving house and we are still getting settled in. Now that is done I intend to launch back into writing the sequel to Patriot Dawn.

However, there are about 1000 articles on the blog, which can be searched in the left side search bar, or looked up under categories on the right, or simply go through each month looking for articles of interest. In short, there is a ton of free information on this blog.

If you have anything of burning interest to ask, not already covered, please feel free, and I’ll see if I can produce something.

Meanwhile other sources of information  include a complete manual (not free):

Contact! A Tactical Manual for Post Collapse Survival

‘Contact!’ is not an FM, which is really the point, because an FM will be of limited value to you, as will any dry regurgitation of specific military tactics. The point of the manual is to bring you a mix of training and experience applied to a collapse situation. The impetus to initially write it was to give the good honest folks the information they need to train to survive.

Here is a novelization of some of the information in ‘Contact!’:

Patriot Dawn: The Resistance Rises


It is also plain that having the manual and the novel, or any written training material, is not really going to help you without real effective professional training:


Highlights include:

Imminent inaugural C2G Class (Combat 2 Gun)

MVT Rifleman Challenge

H2H (Hand to Hand Combat)

In my semi-absence from the blog, there is also the MVT FORUM:



There have been some excellent contributions on the forum lately and that is what I would like to see continue – it should not need articles from me, there are enough subject matter experts to be putting out your own articles and discussing them. If the cap fits, please step up.

For those needing to work on the very basic tactical necessity of physical fitness, we have the Tactical Fitness Training Plans which are getting a rave reception:



Finally, I want to talk a little about the rash of suspicious ‘murder-suicide’ incidents that we have seen in the alternative media. I’ll keep it short and simple:

If your normal security measures fail, and you are taken, probably with your family, you need to fight. Hollywood conditions you to think there are some sort of fair rules when you are held under gunpoint. That may apply to some situations, but generally the longer you are a captive, the harder it is to escape. In the case of a murder-suicide you are not going to escape. There is no way out alive, therefore you just have to fight, tooth and nail.

If you wake up in the night, for example, with a shadowy figure or two holding a gun on you, fight. In the case of a staged murder-suicide, it has to look right, or at least right enough. They have to set it up, to stage it, which requires cooperation from the victim(s), who will be in shock/denial. You are not getting out alive, so your only chance is to fight and perhaps overpower the murderer(s). Even if you don’t, any kind of defensive wounds, or fuss/noise, or any way you can mess up the scene, makes it harder to pass it off as a ‘murder-suicide.’

Bottom line, there is no way out alive, so for the sake of your family and a marginal chance of survival, go all out with everything you have until you either win, or die. Your wife must also know this. And have your children rehearse ‘super-secret hiding places.’

And just for the record, there is no way in hell that I would harm my family, or contemplate murder-suicide. My job is to be here to look after them.

Live Hard.

Die Free.